How do I make an individual purchase?

Select Site and Create Free Account

  • To get started please select your location and create a free account.
  • To select your location, enter the name of your city, county or state in the search box and click the "Search" button.
  • Next select your location.
  • Once you're at the proper FMC site, click on "Create an account" at the top of the page to create your free account.
  • To complete your account, fill out all required fields and then click Sign up.
  • An email notification will be sent once the account is created with your unique login and password.
  • You can optionally validate your account through a validation link in the email. Once the account is validated, you will not see the security phrase check system, as described below.

Course Selection

  • You will then be taken to the Courses page to select the course you are interested in purchasing.


  • Your billing address should already be filled in for you, but you can make changes if needed.
  • Next you will be required to enter your credit card information.
  • Click Review Information to continue.
  • The Review Information page allows you to review the billing and credit card data before attempting to process the transaction.
  • The student/client must check the box stating "I have read and understand the preceding information and refund policy" before the Purchase button highlight to allow you to complete your course purchase. 
  • Once the Purchase button is highlighted, click the Purchase button to complete your purchase.
  • Your purchase is now complete.  
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