Examination Tutorial

The FMC® CFP Manager examination consists of the following:

  • Time to complete your examination is 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, your exam will be graded, any unanswered questions will be graded as incorrect.
  • The examination will have 75 multiple choice questions.
  • The minimum passing grade is 74.7% (75%).

Examination Questions:

The examination questions will have the following format:

You must select an answer from the answer options under the question by clicking on the answer you believe to be correct.

When you select your answer, a black dot will appear in the circle next to your answer denoting its selection.

After you have selected your answers for the displayed question, click “Save Answer” to save your selection and move to the next question.

A progress box on the webpage will display the amount of time left in your exam, as well as the question numbers you have answered in green, and remaining unanswered question numbers in black.

You can click on a question number to take you back to that question if you decide to review/change your answer.

When you’re ready to submit your examination for scoring, click “Grade Now”.

Examination Scoring:

When you are ready to have your exam scored, click “Grade Now”.

Your examination score will be displayed informing you of your score, and if you have passed or failed. If you failed your examination, you will be informed on the areas of deficiency concerning exam questions that were answered incorrectly.

If you passed the examination, then your FMC® CFP Certificate will be available for printing from within your account at Food Manager Classes any time before the expiration of the certificate.

Please Note: if you took, and passed, a proctored FMC® CFP examination, you will not be permitted to print the certificate at the Proctor Testing Centers.


This department-approved online Texas DSHS FMC® Certification Examination will consist of seventy-five multiple choice questions, with a specific number of each covering the following topics:

  • twelve (12) questions covering food protection;
  • four (4) questions concerning the requirements regarding the purchasing and receiving of food and food related items;
  • seven (7) questions over storage in food establishments;
  • ten (10) questions over food preparation;  
  • six (6) over food service and display;
  • two (2) questions on the use and maintenance of tools and equipment within food establishments;
  • six (6) questions related to cleaning and sanitizing equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces in food establishments;
  • one (1) question on how to select, monitor, and maintain a water source;
  • one (1) question on how to monitor and maintain plumbing;
  • one (1) question on how to monitor and maintain ventilation systems;
  • two (2) questions on how to select, monitor, and maintain waste disposal facilities and equipment;
  • one (1) question on how to clean and maintain restroom facilities;
  • two (2) questions on general maintenance and housekeeping;
  • two (2) questions on monitoring equipment and facilities,
  • one (1) question on proper postings;
  • seven (7) questions on personal hygiene of employees;
  • two (2) questions concerning properly training employees;
  • seven (7) questions on monitoring personnel behaviors and their relation to food safety;
  • and one (1) question on ensuring regulatory compliance at the state and local level and correcting and minimizing noted violations. 
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