How to take the course

Now that  you have completed your purchase, you can begin taking your course.

  • First you will need to click the study button beside the course you purchased, or if at any time you fill your are ready to take thet test, you may click the take test button to begin your test. You can access the study material or test at anytime by selecting courses from the menu.
  • The sections are not timed and may be completed at your own pace. Once a section has been studied, it will be marked as studied with a green check-mark. This helps you know which sections have been studied and which section have not.
  • Section before study. Timer has not reached zero:   
  • Section after study. Timer has reached zero:   
  • Before you can start your test, you will be required to enter 10 personal verification questions (PVQ). If for any reason during your exam you enter a wrong PVQ or fail the test, you will be required to perform this step again.
  • After you have selected your 10 questions, you will be show the time allowed for the exam, the number of questions that make up the exam, and the required passing grade for the exam. To begin your exam, click the continue button. You may also click the go back button if you are not ready to begin your exam.
  • Once you have completed the test, you will be able to print your certificate.
  • To print your certificate, click the print license button and your food managers license will open in a new window for you to print.
  • To see what your license will look like and an explanation of the information it contains, click  License Sample.