Purchasing Group Orders

Select Site and Create Free Account

  • To get started please go to texas.foodmanagerclasses.com and create a free account.
  • To make a group purchase, you must first create a profile for yourself. Do this by clicking on Create on "Create an account".
  • You will then need to select "Courses" from the menu. Next you will need to click the red Managers Choice banner to complete the group order purchase. This will take you to the group purchase page.                                                                          
  • Once you have an account use this guide to make your bulk purchases.

Under Order Details:

  • Select your state, county, or city in which you reside.
  • Select which class you are interested in purchasing. 


  • Select the quantity of codes (certificates) you need to purchase. 


  • You will need to create a pass key to give your employees as part of their redemption process. The pass key must be at least 8 characters long and be  comprised of alpha numeric characters without spaces. 


  • Last you will need to enter a purchase order number. This would come from your accounting department or you can create your own for cost tracking. 



  • Your billing address should already be filled in for you, but you can make changes to if you need to.
  • Under select payment: Enter the payment type you wish to use.
    • If paying by check, follow the instructions provided on the website.
    • If paying by credit card, enter credit card information
  • Finally you will need to type in a security phrase that is displayed in the box. The characters are case sensitive. Then click the blue review information button. If all information is correct, select continue.                                                                             
  • Your purchase is now complete.